Our Session

Front Row: Bill, Frank, Steve, JohnBack Row: Laurel, John, Theresa, Corey

Grace Presbyterian Session

What does "Presbyterian" mean?

​The word "Presbyterian" comes from the ancient New Testament Greek word for "Elder" (presbuteros). We are a church governed by volunteer church members who are elected by the congregation to lead the church along with the pastor. They are referred to as the "Session." ​

There are many Presbyterian denominations in the world but Grace Presbyterian belongs to America's oldest, the Presbyterian Church USA which is intentionally divided into regions called Synods. Synods are further broken down into local Presbyteries which are like districts. Grace belongs to the Synod of the Pacific and the Presbytery of Stockton.

Our theological tradition is overwhelmingly compatible with most other Christian traditions. We practice two sacraments, baptism and communion. In the few places that the PC(USA) may differ from other traditions, our congregation would rather have open doors with safe discussion, than close ourselves away or retort with condemning language those with whom disagree with us. We hold our tradition loosely, always appreciating the uniqueness of our history, but being open to the Holy Spirit guiding us today in Lodi!